Bandwidth Boom: Measuring Communications Capacity

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See our new paper estimating the growth of consumer bandwidth – or our capacity to communicate – from 2000 to 2008. We found:

  • – a huge 5,400% increase in residential bandwidth;
  • – an astounding 54,200% boom in wireless bandwidth; and
  • – an almost 100-fold increase in total consumer bandwidth


U.S. consumer bandwidth at the end of 2008 totaled more than 717 terabits per second, yielding, on a per capita basis, almost 2.4 megabits per second of communications power.

Technologies of Freedom

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In my first, lone, measly, pathetic tweet a month ago, I asked if the whole Twitter thing was a “Revolution? Time-waster? Both?”

Now we may know. The information evading the official government walls and making its way out of Iran on YouTube and Twitter may answer my question: “Revolution” — literally.

Huge $1.45 billion, a new low

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After the EU antitrust authority today leveled a €1.06 billion fine against Intel, the company’s general counsel Bruce Sewell gave an illuminating interview to CNBC:

We better come up with a better way to restrict the EU’s range of motion on these matters. Sewell called the action “arbitrary.” The CNBC reporters called it a “shakedown.” They’re both right. Read rest of post »